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WHAT TO SEE by Explore Ziria

Beautiful Ziria, Home of God Hermes

According to the legend, the Pleiad known as Maia gave birth to Zeus’ son Hermes in a cave near the lake Dasios, on Mount Ziria, near the village of Trikala.

Trikala Village, Mountainous Corinthia

Trikala is a village in Corinthia, in the Peloponnese peninsula of southern Greece. It comprises three settlements, Upper, Middle, and Lower Trikala, on the slopes of Mount Kyllini.​

Stunning Lake Doxa in Feneos

​Lake Doxa is an artificial lake located at Feneo, Korinthias, at 1.100 m above sea level. In the middle of the lake you’ll see the church of Agios Fanourios.

Agios Loukas Canyon

​Located near Xylokastro. With 2km length and 350m difference in altitude the crossing of the spectacular Agios Loukas Canyon is one of the moste challenging and famous activities in Ziria.

WHAT TO DO by Explore Ziria​

HydroBike Tours

Rent on spot and drive a Hydrobike! Get in Lake Doxa and explore it form side to side, just like riding a bike!

eBike Rentals & Tours

Rent and drive an Electric Bike around the lush green scenery of Trikala! Your battery assisted eBike will get you wherever you need effortlessly!

Mountain Bikes

Rent on Spot and ride a Mountain Bike around the lush green scenery of Lake Doxa!

Snow Buggy Tour

Rent and drive a Special Snow Buggy equipped with tracks capable of plowing through the snow on the Mountains of Ziria!

ATV - Buggy Tours

Rent and drive a 4X4 BUGGY or ATV on a guided Safari Tour and explore the beautiful landscapes around Ziria!

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